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Brighter Healthcare provide a range of recruitment advertising and marketing services solely to the healthcare sector. These range full employer brand reviews, to operational support, such as the management of recruitment advertising media. Our expert team have a vast quantity of marketing, advertising and recruitment experience that helps us deliver success every time for our clients.

Providing high quality recruitment services for the healthcare sector.


Brighter Healthcare provides a wide range of recruitment services to our healthcare clients. We provide recruitment advertising, deliver consultancy advice on how best to recruit and create powerful employer brands to help you compete for talented applicants.

If you are not sure where to start with improving your recruitment, then we are able to help discuss what areas to start reviewing first and support you in identifying some quick wins so you can quickly see improvements.

Our recruitment consultancy service can advise you on the following topics:

  • Which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is best suited to your organisation
  • How your recruitment process could be more efficient
  • How can you increase the reach of your employer brand
  • How you can improve the quality of applicants
  • Diversity and Inclusion; how to make sure that your recruitment process and employer branding is inclusive
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Recruitment Advertising


Recruitment advertising can be a complicated business. There have been a number of changes to the way the Healthcare and other sectors advertise their vacancies over the years, and we work with our clients to make sure they stay competitive.

We use experience, statistics and research to make sure that your role is placed on the right job boards, Social Media channels and websites at the right cost. Additionally, we proofread each of your adverts before placing them on your chosen job boards, helping to keep your reputation as an employer as strong as ever.

As well as job boards, local and national press, we can also provide you with access to any of the hundreds of specialist healthcare magazines, websites and publications. We have built up some amazing relationships over the years and use these to get our clients the best offers possible.

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Employer Brand Reviews


However big or small your company, is employer branding plays an important part in attracting the right candidates.
Brighter Healthcare reviews the current branding, tone of voice and salespoints for its clients to help them build a proposition that is accurate and attractive.

A strong employer brand helps you to attract candidates that are a good fit for your working culture and your skills gaps. We always make sure that our employer branding projects provide our clients with practical tools that they can use on a daily basis for recruitment. These tools allow you to quickly produce strong adverts, content for your website and marketing materials.

Please get in touch to find out why we take employer branding so seriously and how improving it can make life much easier.

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